Dogliani d.o.c.g.
Produced from 100% Dolcetto grapes, the Dogliani DOCG includes the entire territory of the Communes of Bastia Mondovi, Belvedere Langhe, Briaglia, Castellino Tanaro, Cigliè, Clavesanas, Dogliani, Farigliano, Igliano, Marsaglia, Monchiero, Niella Tanaro, Piozzo and Rocca Cigliè, and part of the territories of Carrù, Mondovi, Murazzano, Roddino, San Michele Mondovi, Somano and Vicoforte.
In this area, with more altitude than other areas growing Dolcetto, about 700 m above sea level, the more moderate temperatures lead to a slower maturation and its harvest usually occurs later, towards the end of September.

An old and precious wine, the first records date back to the Middle Ages.
According to a document dated 1369, the Marquis of Saluzzo exempted the inhabitants of Dogliani from paying taxes in exchange for a supply of wine for his troops.
It was only in the second half of the 1800s when the wine's reach became broader, and then in the twentieth century the name of this wine became inextricably linked to Luigi Einaudi, the first president of the Italian Republic, a native of Dogliani, who was passionate about his Langa and an avid promoter of Dolcetto.

The year 2011 is a significant year for this wine because with this vintage, the two former denominations of Dolcetto di Dogliani DOCG and Dolcetto delle Monregalesi Langhe DOC are grouped together in the one Dogliani DOCG.
While the name has changed, the substance remains the same; always Dolcetto, one of the most popular wines in Piedmont, an approachable, versatile wine for inexpensive everyday drinking and sharing with friends.